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 History Song Programs

      and Special Presentations

Our history song programs and special presentations bring a selection of actual historic songs, and include descriptive narrative and anecdotes about the era.

Performed in many environments, including libraries, historic sites, and private events. These shows are also available through livestreaming.

For more information contact us at dovemusic55 @

New for 2024! 
    Appalachian Historic Songs

The Appalachian Mountains stretch from Georgia to Maine, and were considered the new frontier when settled by the Scots-Irish and Germans. These groups sought freedom from government and prejudice, as well as cheaper land. Their history is both charming and dark as they struggled to survive and bring their culture with them, especially their music! Program includes eight songs with interesting narrative, about one hour, for adults and teenagers. 

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    World Holiday Songs


An inclusive overview of December holidays from around the world. Holidays include Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Las Posadas, Winter Solstice, and Christmas with more mentioned. Nine songs with spoken narrative and anecdotes about each holiday. Includes sing-alongs, and performed with a variety of musical instruments. Offered to present in November and early December. Family-friendly, about one hour


Songs of the American Revolution


The history of the American Revolution is detailed with many battles, conferences, and personalities. But it was also a time of patriotism, inspiration, and song. This program includes about eight historic songs, and gives a brief narrative of the history of this war. For adults and teenagers. About one hour


Songs of the Labor Unions, 1850-1940


The labor union movement in the United States was a just short of a revolution with rioting by thousands of workers, weapons, and skirmishes. Songs were used to communicate and to inspire the unionizers, with many being written by labor leaders themselves. The resulting victory over the oppressors was important for the whole world as it brought fairer workplace practices that continue today. For adults and teenagers. About 75 minutes

Click the link below for the video performance of this program at the Oneida County History Center:

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Adirondack Lumber Camp Songs


The 1800’s were considered the golden era of the logging industry in the Adirondack Mountains. It is an era when society first made huge demands for paper and lumber, and when there were few regulations for the harvesting of trees. Workers were attracted to the lifestyle of being a lumberjack even though the work was harsh and dangerous. Their songs were for leisure, with some written on the spot, or adapted from hearing them in passing.

For adults and children over seven years. About 45 minutes.


Songs of the Erie Canal


The Erie Canal was the most important advancement in the 1800's for the transportation of goods in New York state. Running from Buffalo to Albany and connected to the Hudson River, it allowed New York City to become the largest trade port in the nation. And, it was born from an idea of a merchant in debtor's prison, because they couldn't receive their goods fast enough to pay bills! ... For adults and older children, about 40 minutes.

See video samples of this program on the

  Arkell Museum YouTube:

    Click here for Erie Part One

       Click here for Erie Part Two



"Song Writing Workshops for Everyone"

    Activity. Cosby and Tom present and demonstrate

    various techniques for writing songs. Attendees can create a

    song in a group or as an individual. All ages, time is variable

Poetry Songs & History Songs

   A combined program of the words of famous poems put to music,

   and original songs about the American settlers experience in the

   Revolutionary War in the Northeast. For adults and older children,

   about one hour

Songwriters in the Round

   Three songwriters talk about their creative process as they

   perform their original songs. Songwriters are Cosby Gibson,

   Tom Staudle, and guest. For adults and older children, about 75 minutes

Click here to see videos of

History Song performances at the

Oneida County History Center and for the

Arkell Museum

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