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  Cosby Gibson and Tom Staudle

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"With guitar, violin, banjo, harmonica, ukelele and dulcimer, these high-spirited independent artists present heartfelt original acoustic folk and blues."                                                                                   ~ Folk Times


Thomas Edison Music Awards, 2023

"The Eddies"

Capital District, NY

Cosby Gibson & Tom Staudle

Folk/Traditional Category

Cosby Gibson and Tom Staudle are award winning songwriters and singers and live near the Adirondacks in upstate New York. As a duo, they have been performing for twelve years, and tour both regionally and nationally.


Together they play originals and favorites with a variety of instruments such as guitar, fiddle, banjo, and harmonica, and in many settings such as festivals, concert series, livestreams, and community events.


Cosby is Grammy® balloted and writes unique acoustic and folk-style songs, with awards for Best Folk Album for the Capital District Original Music Awards in 2017 and 2018, and Dorn Space Arts Award for Best Folk Album, 2021. She has founded a community music project, “The Flying Song Garden.” The project brings song and festivity to communities in hardship, and is accepted to the New York Foundation for the Arts. 


Tom writes and performs in acoustic, Americana and Blues-styles, with awards for Best Folk Lyrics for the Capital District Original Music Awards in 2018, and Dorn Space Arts Breakthrough Artist of the Year in 2021. His songs are in rotation for two years since 2020 on WEXT Radio and streaming, Albany/Troy, NY, and on the Top Songs of 2021 List, WEXT-FM, two songs at Number 6 and Number 45.


Cosby and Tom are also the recipients of the Dorn Space Arts Award for Music Outreach in 2019.


Their special music programs include; Historic Songs of the Erie Canal, Adirondack Lumber Camp Songs, Poetry Songs and History Songs, Songwriters in the Round, Songwriting Workshops, and the new Labor Union Songs.

Calendar  updated May 19, 2023

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Tom Staudle (w/CosbyGibson)

Top Songs for 2021

(announced in January 2022)

Number 6 and Number 45

WEXT-FM Radio, Albany/Troy, NY


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