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Cosby Gibson     

        Original Acoustic and Folk-style Songs


Cosby Gibson is an award-winning performing songwriter who lives near the Adirondack Mountains. She writes unique, original acoustic and folk-style songs on guitar and dulcimer. Grammy® balloted, and winner Capital District Music Awards for Best Folk Album, 2017 and 2018, and Dorn Space Arts Award for Music Outreach, 2019, and Best Folk Album, 2021.

“It’s almost as if Cosby composes from another time; simpler, more honest, more concise, without frivolous self-importance...Follow Cosby’s footsteps through the forest, to a cabin with a stone fireplace, warm and inviting.”

                                                                          --Greg Jackson, Upstate Live

"Effervescent, inspirational and enlightening are just a few words that can describe Cosby Gibson and her music. Her lilting voice, thoughtful lyrics and plaintive playing make it a joy to listen to, both recorded and live...When she is performing in your area, do yourself a favor and listen. It's a well-deserved rest for the soul."

- -John Keller, Mohawk Valley Living Magazine 

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Calendar  updated March 18, 2023

(Shows limited due to covid. Please click "Look for More," below)


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