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Recorder News, Amsterdam, NY, Mar 11, 2018

By CHANTELLE DEROSE, Recorder News Staff


FULTONVILLE — Two local musicians were among those to be recognized earlier this month at the Capital District Original Music Awards.


Cosby Gibson and Tom Staudle, both of Fultonville, received “Best Folk Album” and “Best Folk Lyrics” respectively at the awards show on March 3. Together, the duo plays acoustic and blue-style original music.


“It’s acoustic,” Gibson said of the duo’s music. “Folk music — some people think of Pete Seeger or some people think as far back as Lead Belly. Then there’s also like the Woodstock era. It keeps changing.”


Gibson, who wrote her first song at the age of 17, said her music is derived from artists such as Joan Baez or Bob Dylan.


Gibson’s most recent album, “Into Mid Air,” was completely crowd-funded — which is something she called “very exciting.”


“There were 24 donors,” she said. “It thrills me to be able to bring this award to them and to show them the success that we can do as a group.”


Staudle said he enjoys playing folk music, but has always enjoyed rock music.


“What I do is like folk-indie-alt-Christian,” he explained. “There’s a little bit of everything in it. It basically comes down to an acoustic guitar, a harmonica, stamping on the ground and yelling at the top of my lungs.”


The two musicians are no strangers to the local music scene and have been performing throughout the Capital Region for the last eight years.


“I’m full-time and we’re both professional,” Gibson said. “We tour the regional area and we also go down the coast of the mid-atlantic. We’ve gone as far as North Carolina and Kansas.”


Gibson said that while she doesn’t “go out and chase awards,” it is nice to receive recognition for the hard work that goes into creating an album.


“These awards are about three years old and there was never anything in this area,” she said. “I don’t go out and chase awards, but because of the intensity of the work and the hard work — it’s really important to have some kind of recognition. It sounds strange or ego-based or something, but it’s not. You really have to have some kind of recognition. Having these awards in the Capital District is just a blessing. I’m so thrilled that they’re doing it.”


Staudle said he was happy to see his lyrics being recognized.


“I’m very happy that people recognized the lyrics,” he said. “It’s nice. Sometimes you get people that will say ‘I could see what you were saying there.’ I’m a storyteller, so if you can see the story play out in front of you as I’m singing — that’s what I want.”


When Gibson and Staudle are not busy recording albums, they are on the road together.


“We have a full summer schedule of shows coming up. We have a special mini-van that we actually use as our lodging — we’ll sleep in it — when we go on tour,” Gibson said. “So as soon as the weather warms up, we’ve got lots of great shows to do.”


Gibson said that while “it would be great” to have a number one hit during her career, she is more focused on creating a long-term body of work that can be shared with the community.

“It’s so much more fun that way,” Gibson said.


Gibson added that the couple tries to stay active when it comes to volunteering.


“Tom and I are really involved in community activities,” Gibson said. “We both volunteer for the food pantry in Fonda. I have a non-profit music troop called the Flying Song Garden that was developed during Hurricane Irene to bring music to the communities. Tom has held a Party in the Park in Fultonville for many years.”


Staudle said that there have been seven “parties in the park” so far and described the event as a music festival for residents and families to enjoy.


Gibson said that music is unique because it is capable of being very powerful. “To me, [music] is like part of my body,” Gibson said. “It’s so deeply ingrained and it’s in my family and everything. I feel it’s incredibly healing.”


“If I can write a song and someone digs it, that’s all that matters,” Staudle said.


Gibson and Staudle are both active on social media and videos of the two performing can be found on YouTube. The couple also has an official website at

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