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Unique Acoustic and Folk-style Original Songs

New Album

"Talking to Echos"

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~ New Album ~

Talking to Echos

The theme of this album is how we can
become tied to the past, and continue to speak
to these memories. The songs reflect on this, and
on moving forward to discover a new future.

~ Winner, Best Folk Album, Capital District Original Music Awards, 2017 ~

~ Accepted to the first ballot of the
Grammy© Awards for 2017.

~ Special recording style recalling
favorite days of AM radio

~ Physical copy includes disc of songs and disc of videos, as well as eight page booklet with lyrics, pictures and artist notes ~

Your choice: Albums 11.99, Downloads 3.49

On sale at FYE Stores in Johnstown, Saratoga
Schenectady, Queensbury, NY,
and the music website below:

Watch the new video about the new album.
It's message may relate to your own life.
Includes the title song, too. Click below...

Read the newspaper article below

about the album and it's award


By Winnie Blackwood, For The Amsterdam Recorder, NY
Friday, June 17, 2017

FORT JOHNSON, NY — An album written by a local artist that centers around dwelling on a negative past and overcoming such an obstacle received an award by the Capital District Original Music Awards.

Folk singer and song writer and resident of Fort Johnson, Cosby Gibson, won the Best Folk Album for her album, “Talking to Echos,” on June 5.

Gibson submitted her CD to the award organization’s 15-member committee in New York City after she heard of the opportunity.

“Talking to Echos,” is comprised of 12 songs with half revolving around the notion of being stuck in the past and the rest about rising above it.

“When people dwell in negative memories, that’s also very destructive and there’s nothing you can do about it, so that’s why the term, ‘talking to echos,’” Gibson said. “Because you are just talking to echoes. You’re talking to the past, going over and over in your mind.”

The album also includes four videos and an artist’s booklet.

“What the board does is recognize individuals, such as Cosby Gibson, who have done creative music and have done it to an extent, and people appreciate it over someone else, who might be in that same genre/category,” Richard Womack, a board member of the Capital District Original Music Awards, said.

Artists submit their work on a CD, which are labeled with letters in the alphabet to remain anonymous. No money is collected from the contestant, Womack said. Awards are chosen based on originality and the quality of the originality, as well as the quality of the material.

“The one thing about awards is that it really raises the bar for artists, because it keeps you wanting to do quality work, even though you would anyway,” Gibson said.

Once artists are picked as the winner, they must perform to ensure their work and talent are authentic.

“It sounded great, performed well,” Womack said of Gibson’s album and performance.

This is the awards organization’s second awards show, which was held on June 10. Gibson was touring that day and was unable to be in attendance.

Gibson said artists, including herself, do not use a title such as this for an ego boost, but as a way to give back to the community.

“That’s important to understand because otherwise it just seems like you are running around chasing awards, which is empty,” Gibson said.

People could see the title when a concert or event is announced and be attracted to attend because of it in places like a local library.

After making it to the first ballot for the 2016 Grammy nominations, Gibson used that to add weight in order to attract people to a local venue.

“Right now it’s a little difficult for the arts because entertainment is accessible on electronics and because sometimes the economy is a little shaky, not as many people are going to these live events,” Gibson said.

Even though Gibson did not make it past the first ballot for the Grammy nominations, she said next time she plans on going farther in the process.

New songs have already been written by Gibson, and her plan for her next album’s theme will be joy.

“People get very depressed about what’s going on in their lives and to go above that to find a place of joy sometimes is the only relief,” Gibson said. “Maybe all that stuff is still terrible and is still going on, but you have go to somehow find joy in your life, or you are going to get worse and worse.”

Other projects Gibson is working on includes her Erie Canal Tour with two tour dates left for the summer season, her performances and her Patreon account. The website allows artists to upload their work and subscribers can access it for $1.

Dove and Olive Branch Music, 2017

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