Cosby Gibson


               ~ Letters from Listeners ~


    “I love your music, and I have immense faith in you. You are so real,

      and down to earth. I'd sing with you anytime. Never stop. We need

      your sweet songs and musicianship." ~ d.c.


    “Spent my day listening to your new cd; enjoyed it immensely!! ~ m.w.


    “Just got my new Cosby Gibson cd & bonus videos, with all its

      delightful accoutrements! Support this talented local songstress; she

      plucks her guitar and your heartstrings so lovingly...." r.s.


    “Can't wait for my CD to arrive!!!!!" ~ i.t.


Recordings Review: American Dreams album

        by Greg Jackson, Upstate Live, NY


   Upon receiving Cosby's package and handwritten note, it was very apparent that she cares

deeply about each facet of her presentation. I didn't want to undo the  hand wrapped CD

that came with the handwritten note, very nice touches, for sure. It didn't surprise me to

hear her lilting voice proclaim the chorus of "Trouble in the Hills," backed with her rhythmic

staccato guitar playing.


   Conviction in her art was apparent before hearing a single note. Cosby has found

inspiration in many singer/songwriters we've heard before, it's difficult ground to tread

upon, even more to profess individuality, but she pulls it off.


   "Silver Wolf" exudes a natural metaphor, but is it what she really means. Does she imply

the hunter and the hunted, or the simple dance of freedom through individuality. Most times

it's best when the decision is left to the listener and she pulls this off gracefully.


    It's almost as if she composes from another time, simpler, more honest, more

concise,without frivolous self-importance. At times wistful, then confident, always emotive,

calm on the surface. Her reading of "Shipwrecks" echoes a quality of Annie Haslam in a

traditional folk-song way, stretching her vocal range and reflecting more lessons learned



    So, be sure to stop by and give Cosby a listen. It won't be hard

to follow her footsteps through the forest to a cabin with a stone fireplace, warm and



     “Thank you for being my inspiration." ~ m.t.


      ~ Like Bob Dylan, Cosby matches lyrics and evocative acoustic

      guitar chords and adds her sweet voice. Her music reflects a sense

      of the Adirondacks where she lives. ~ e.g.


    “Reminds of me an autumn tribe of friends around the campfire" d.d.

   Unique Acoustic and Folk-style Original Songs

Dove and Olive Branch Music, 2020




    “It was such a joy to receive your package last week. The thought and  

      care that you put into packaging your music is as lovely as the

      music itself! Your new CD is absolutely wonderful and I've really been

      enjoying it." ~ a.r.